Drake “Trophies” (prod. Hit-Boy)

As you’ll read in my thoughts below from earlier in the day, I waited for the above version to drop before passing judgment on the hotly hyped “Trophies”. I was skeptical based on the previews (or, basically, I wasn’t going gaga over it like seemingly everybody else), but now that the track has dropped properly, I’m vibing with it and ignoring the hype-created expectations. It’s a very solid track that finds Drake rapping and singing over a triumphant Hit-Boy production (co-proudced by Hagler & 40). There’s an “All of the Lights” parallel in its overall aesthetic and my two favorite highlights are the hook and the switch up in the beat. On top of it all, “Trophies” will certainly become a celebratory anthem for NYE, the upcoming NFL playoffs (Drake’s new friend, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks), you name it. Tune in and be a part of the party.

*Tibs Fav. (I like it, but don’t love it like the hype machine is already anointing)


12.29.13: There’s been a lot of hype around “Trophies” — a track Drake has cryptically previewed on Instagram and on his recently concluded Would You Like A Tour? The most we’ve heard is some fan footage from these tour stops and, well, the iPhone 5s doesn’t have the best quality to record high volume concert audio. I’ve avoided listening to this quality once I heard it, and didn’t quite get the hype in the first place over the previews. Tastemakers and fans alike are clammoring about this release and today it’s here…

This, however, is the LQ leak version — but it is the full version. The CDQ should be dropping today, but this version’s makin’ its rounds. Choose to play if you like, but since I held out this long, I might as well make my first listen the proper listen. Besides, Bears vs. Packers > Drake today, amirite?!


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