Childish Gambino covers Complex

Complex stays killin’ with some powerful magazine covers and the latest in this category is Childish Gambino for their February/March issue. With Because The Internet out now, this comes at a perfect time.

Read the interactive cover story online here (a fascinating read centering upon Glover and the internet, amongst more) and be sure to watch Gambino’s new self-written and self-directed short film “Chicken & Futility”. It’s a dry humor 3 minute video that centers on Chick-Fil-A of all things.

One of the many poignant quotes from Gambino in the cover story:

I don’t want young black kids to aspire to be rappers or ballers. I want them to be coders. They can make their own worlds then.

WATCH: Childish Gambino “Chicken & Futility” [Short Film] (3:30)