The Cool Kids “Computer School” x “Chop”

Now it’s real.

The Cool Kids comeback with some new music — first, a fresh, thumpin’ track called “Computer School” that’ll easily take listeners back to a few years ago when Chuck & Mikey were makin’ music together on the reg. Production-wise, the turn it takes around the 2:15 mark til the end is amazing. I’m noddin’ my head, I don’t know about you.

No official word on if the two kids in the cover are a young Chuck Inglish & Sir Michael Rocks, but we’ll update when we have confirmation.


*Tibs Fav.



The 2 for 1 includes “Chop” featuring The HBK Gang, which may prove to be the one track I like the most of the two. The beat is a little more uptempo than above and Mikey has my favorite verse of the new music in this one. Another *Tibs Fav.