Drake’s hilarious SNL promos

Drake is the host and musical guest for this Saturday’s SNL and per usual this time of week, NBC has dropped all of the commercials you’ll see this week on TV for the interwebs. They’re all mashed together for this 4:30 watch and best seen one after another like this (especially because the last 3 are linked.)

Bobby Moynihan and Jay Pharoah sit with Drake in the studio for all the spots… and they’re all hilarious. I didn’t know Drake had such a dry sense of humor too. Looking forward to checking this out even more now.

ICYMI: An update on Drake’s OVO Jordans on eBay. The one white pair is now available and up for bid too at slightly less than the 100K the black colorway is earning. Emphasis on slightly less. If you can outbid $99,900, then the white colorway can be yours. Great buzz for the shoes though.