Krewella “Human”

Guys, who knew music videos could be so touching and emotional? I’m so used to all the ones about fancy things that this one caught me by surprise.

I’m sarcastic (and half-joking, actually) because I’m already familiar with one of Krewella‘s debut album standouts “Human” and the raw emotions on display in the song by sisters Jahan and Yasmine. The new video today really drives home the “I am only human” chorus, as director and videographer behind many of Krewella’s visuals, Miles Evert, truly captures the humanity of these artists.

He mixes in a lot of behind the scenes moments during their last two years of touring with home videos from even before then. We see Jahan, Yasmine, and Rain Man in candid moments of sadness, loneliness, and exhaustion in contrast to some heartwarming moments of joy and togetherness. It’s hard not to feel their emotions and think about your own life while watching this one. Definitely do so above because that makes for a great viewing experience. Salute to the Krew for such a genuine video that takes an already inspirational song to another level.



“It’s human nature that like once you have something, you look back and you think about how good you had it. I wish I could go home and see my parents every weekend, spend the night with my boyfriend every night. None of us were saying we regret any of this happening, it’s that sometimes you forget that there’s like a whole other life happening outside your bubble. And then when you realize that when you don’t have that outside anymore that all you have is your bubble, it’s scary that you can’t get that back without leaving it all behind. We’ll never really have a normal life.”

– Yasmine

Also, #Salute to Rain Man for rocking the #GowhereHat in the video (1:20 mark)!