Drake’s OVO Jordans (Detail Photos)

Drake‘s OVO Jordans are the new hottest shoe we can’t have. And that unofficial trophy (no pun intended) is only more warranted after October’s Very Own & Jordan Brand finally released some official images.

Browse the gallery above for the Jordan X and Jordan XII OVO versions. The black and white colorways are branded with the ‘OVO’ and ‘owl’ logos. I don’t really have anything to critique on these, design-wise. All four colorways are so clean. I especially like the balance of leather on the black colorways.

Where I would like to critique these is availability-wise. Complex says that the shoes are only limited to Drake and his OVO camp so we can only rely on prayers to find a way to get ’em on our feet. Or maybe get an invite from OVO… but I guess it’s no new friends :-/