GoPro: Red Bull Stratos

Remember back in 2012 when Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier and set a record for longest freefall, um, ever? Yeah, it was pretty incredible. Dude just fell out of a satellite from outer space.

Well, I’m just catching wind of some all-new footage from the Red Bull Stratos as GoPro releases a first-person view of Felix’s freefall in this video above. There were GoPros attached to each of Baumgartner’s limbs and extending out to face him as well.

The video doesn’t begin with Baumgartner falling; it’s actually a 4 and a half minute unfiltered intro that shows the moments and dialogue immediately before Baumgartner takes the plunge. When he does, the footage that ensues is amazing. Be sure to max. this out in HD so you can see all the details of the stars during Felix’s minute and a half spin. Pretty amazing stuff guys!