Alicia Keys & John Legend “Let It Be”

I was waiting for video of this to hit the interwebs as this past Sunday, CBS aired a Beatles 50th Anniversary special. I tried to catch it the other night purely because I knew Alicia Keys & John Legend would be performing together, amongst other superstars Maroon 5, Katy Perry, John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, Imagine Dragons, Dave Grohl, Pharrell, and Ringo Starr & Paul McCartney themselves.

It turns out that the two played a unique duet of The Beatles‘ classic “Let It Be”, sitting across from each other on individual pianos. As Keys and Legend preface in the beginning, this is a song that McCartney wrote before The Beatles broke up and in memory of his mother who comforted him with the words of the title. The song, is as a result, one that transcends generations and indeed a comforting song that our younger generation can relate to just as much (and learn that backstory).

Up above, Alicia Keys & John Legend bridge the song from the 60s to a familiar duo of voices to R&B fans of the new century. Legend’s signature vocals dominate the chorus and give it some “Ordinary People”-esque energy. I particularly like Alicia with her impromptu ad-libs in the last rendition of the chorus, which gave the performance the great finish it deserved. McCartney definitely approved. I think you will too.