Kid Cudi AMA Recap

Late last week, Kid Cudi hopped on Reddit for another fascinating celebrity AMA. I am a casual visitor of Reddit, because every time I do, I get too hooked (a good and bad thing). Anyway, I’m happy I saw this one as Cudi shared some love with his fans who did the same while asking about new projects, old projects, and more. Some interesting tidbits were naturally shared from Cudi himself and I aggregated my favorites in the gallery above. Scroll through to see Cud clear up why a Schoolboy Q collab hasn’t happened, unfortunately describe that How To Make It In America is completely dead, and more. Also included: official Need For Speed premiere images from the private screening this past week in Burbank.

Read the FULL AMA here (worth it to see the long post one fan wrote to Cudi, which he responded to in the last answer in the gallery above).

h/t to Brugge on the find (he leads Gowhere in all-time hat tips)