Soldier Field with Ice

I love seeing outdoor hockey games ever since the last time the NHL brought the game to Chicago at Wrigley Field a few years ago. It’s refreshing to see the speed of the game unfold in an outdoor environment, inside a landmark stadium known for hosting a sport other than hockey. Design-wise, I always like seeing the far perspectives to see how a rink fits on top of an iconic baseball or football field. I previously spotlighted this in the last NHL outdoor classic game at Dodger Stadium last month; now we have the first photo at Chicago’s Soldier Field for the Blackhawks/Penguins showdown this Saturday to resume the NHL season.

Two great things about this photo: the gorgeous Chicago skyline picking above the Soldier Field roof. And the BEARS endzone still visible.

Hometown pride! The game is March 1st and we’re expecting a high of 18 degrees with a foot of snow to come later in the weekend. Juuust the appropriate weather for an outdoor hockey game, eh?