Based God vs. KD settled… in 2K14

The escalating Lil B vs. Kevin Durant “beef” (that’s not really a beef because Kevin Durant doesn’t know who he is) took an entertaining turn with this user-created 2K14 video depicting the opposite of what would happen if the rapper squared off versus who Joakim Noah called the “best player in the world right now” (no love for LeBron, Jo, attaboy).

Definitely good for a set of laughs to go along with the mock SI cover I still can’t get enough of + Grantland’s outsider’s guide of the “beef”.

0 Rings. 0 MVPs. 0 Bitches. (ha, wow.)
0 Rings. 0 MVPs. 0 Bitches. (ha, wow.)
h/t Pitchfork