Gambino’s grand entrance at MTVu Woodie Awards

This year’s SXSW had a ton of great shows. Without a doubt, one of the standouts was the MTVu Woodie Awards. Despite a number of talented artists performing at the show, everybody’s attention was focused on the person set to close it out: Childish Gambino.

Around 10 PM, the first few notes from “3005” echoed through the speakers. To everyone’s surprise, instead of walking out onto the stage, Childish Gambino began the song from outside of his trailer. Wrapped in tiny color changing lights, Gambino worked his way past the ticket gate and concession stands. As the hook began, a small marching band (also decked out in small lights) appeared behind him. Gambino then proceeded to make his way through the crowd and onto the stage. Needless to say, it was an awesome entrance.

After “3005”, Gambino went straight into “Sweatpants”. He spit each line with his trademark bravado. The crowd went nuts as he went into his rapid-fire flow toward the end of the song. The last line of the song (“And I don’t give a f**k about my family name!”) was punctuated with him dropping the mic and then walking away.

But the show was far from over. As the night went on, Gambino performed a medley of his biggest songs including “Crawl”, “Telegraph Ave”, “Black Faces”, “Heartbeat”, and “Freaks & Geeks”. He closed out his set with an energetic performance of Bonfire.

Overall, it was a great show. Childish Gambino brought his A-game and showed why he’s one of the most exciting artists out right now.

Donald Glover backstage @ MTVU Woodie Awards (photo via Monster)
Donald Glover backstage @ MTVU Woodie Awards (photo via Monster)

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