Chandler London “Ritchie: A Space Odyssey [EP]”

Chandler London unleashes a four-track imperial strike that he calls “Ritchie: A Space Odyssey”. This project has much ‘gravity’ to it, it will hold you down as Chandler continues to put out more material. Like a Kubrick ‘2001: Space Odyssey’ this project is a game changer for Chandler as he gives you a different side to his music you have not heard before. Also, like an ‘Apollo 13’, this death-defying rap space opera will leave you marveling at the evolution of Chandler London’s music since we last heard him in his last project, The Science of Sleep. The instrumentals of this project are also significant as they were taken from another space voyager, a man on the moon, Kid Cudi, from his latest project “Satellite Flight”.


More on the project from Chandler London below:

“it’s my most cohesive project since science. With that being said it’s also a concept album but more so than science was. In this ep I created my own character in Ritchie Hi-Tone Dreamer and my own universe. This project serves as an introduction to a larger concept I’ve been working on for the past six years. It follows the main character, Ritchie Hi-Tone Dreamer, as he takes off from his home planet into the depths of outer space. Throughout these four songs we follow Ritchie as he deals with killer robots, an alien princess, and the loneliness of space. These songs are produced by kid cudi and are taken from his new album satellite flight. They should be heard in order starting with space oddity, attack of the killer robots, Ritchie and Clio, and SOS.”