Asher Roth “Fast Life”

Last night, the audio version premiered with Vic Mensa as a featured guest, delivering his best verse post-INNANETAPE. Now not even a day later, Asher Roth takes his already chill song off RetroHash to another uplifting level.

What happens when Asher Roth tells random people on the street to take a message out of a box? The results are heartwarming.

I love what Asher and director Smash LeFunk did in this film that plays more like that than a traditional video. The hook remains and is fitting with the various clips and reactions Asher receives. There is truly a human feel to every interaction and the positive takeaway at the end is perfect.

Asher Roth explains to Speakeasy, citing what he sees as too much negativity in the world as his inspiration for writing the song, and making the video:

I just want people to not take their time for granted, because it’s so precious. Whether it be drugs, or violence, instead of making excuses or contributing to the complaints, get up and do something about it.

Makes me enjoy the song more, which once again, you can listen in full below.

*Tibs Fav.

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