Eminem & Rihanna “The Monster” MTV Movie Awards

Here’s the performance just now at the MTV Movie Awards — Eminem & Rihanna “The Monster” live for the first time! I didn’t think it was bad, nor mind blowing — it was nice to see Em rhyme word for word and Rihanna sing without any vocal assistance. Her rough live notes were a good fit for the song, backed by a full rock band. The best visual happened right at the end of Eminem’s 2nd verse, with Rihanna starting the chorus in the background so keep an eye out for that. Last thought: surprise Em & Rihanna didn’t get to close the show; instead Ellie Goulding & Zedd closed it out with a nice, slow jam turned EDM performance.



3:23pm: Following up on kbyrd2’s story earlier this week, tonight is the MTV Movie Awards and will also mark the first live performance of “The Monster” from Eminem & Rihanna. Just minutes ago, Em released this photo of the two at rehearsals.

Tune in tonight to see what to expect on the two’s ‘Monster’ tour this Fall.