ZHU ‘The Nightday EP’

ZHU is a new producer (mysterious too, not much is out about him or what he looks like), put on to me by Chicago’s Mr. Music via the homies Jake Udell & Nathan Lim of TH3RD Brain and he’s made quite the positive first impression with this debut EP, The Nightday.

The 6 track project is a groovy, ever-changing trans and something I’d certainly suggest to someone who casually dabbles into the electronic genre like myself. From beginning to end, there’s not one sore spot, as The Nightday flows effortlessly with smooth bass lines and high-pitched vocals that balance and compliment the production perfectly. You’ll notice excellent subtleties in each track too; for example, the rise in one of my favorite tracks “The One” around the 3 minute mark. “Superfriends” and the EP’s intro, “Stay Closer”, also stood out to me on their own, but once again, it’s the entire project that deserves your quick attention going into this weekend’s night activities.

Support and stream it all below!

*Tibs Fav.