Chris Crack “That Sick”

It’s talent as unique as Chris Crack here that need to be appreciated with plays a little more. Like I said on twitter yesterday, I love hearing talent from the crib that doesn’t sound like what the crib sounds like. You feel me…? In my opinion this is what hip hop should sound like. MC’s take notes. Producers too. Tree‘s kill on the production.

Chicago’s very own MC TREE has been making waves through hip-hop music. Stapling his signature Soul Trap sound of gritty-soul, class, and 808 driven bass, TREE has carved a name for himself. Last week, TREE and Chris Crack released the single “CUTS” from their collaborative EP #TREESWAG. The project serves as the first installment of TREE’s Soul Trap series. TREE lays the groundwork with his signature Soul Trap production. Crack carries a cadence of flagrant-poetry. That Sick is the SECOND single to appear on the #TREESWAG EP. #TREESWAG to be released May 1st.