Chris Crack & TREE ‘TREESWAG’

This ‘TREESWAG‘ EP has been on replay since the New Deal Crew blessed me with the early listen and download yesterday. Seriously, I just can’t get enough. I also can’t recall the last time an up and comer has made me feel this way toward their music. It’s been a while. This shit makes me feel good though. I feel like Chris Crack and TREE gave us the perfect amount of material. It’s just enough for us to love the project as whole, but still crave for more. I can’t wait to see what Chris has planned for the future. Hopefully it’s more TREE produced. These two just seem to compliment each other so well.

Standout tracks include: “That Sick”, “CUTS”, “Round Here” ft. Saba & Tree, and “Way Past Pimpin” ft. my SUH brother C. Rich.

The unprecedented sounds of “Soul Trap” have been stapled through Chicago and contemporary hip-hop. Combining unique elements of coarse soul-samples, gritty trap hi-hats, and billowing 808 bass; together, these have become the formative voices of an entire hip-hop genre curated by Chicago based producer and lyricist, TREE. With the release of TREE’s Sunday School and Sunday School II mixtapes, and most recently, the Scion AV sponsored @MCTREEG EP, the sounds of Soul Trap have reached critical acclaim around the globe.

Hailing from Chicago’s west side, the self-proclaimed “Jimi-Hendrix of rap”, Chris Crack, is the cut-throat and eccentric front-man behind a “cult-like” collective of psychedelic-influenced music and style, the New Deal Crew. Crack’s staples, the #FREESWAG and #FREESWAG TOO: Fxck The Judge mixtapes, have established his name.

TREE and Chris Crack pair up for the first installment of TREE’s Soul Trap collaborations, #TREESWAG, (named after Crack’s #FREESWAG series). #TREESWAG is TREE’s Soul Trap productions and Crack’s finesse on the mic. The EP boasts Crack’s “free-for-all” vocal ferocity, often rapping around bars with fragments of personal stories and adulterated themes, involving drugs, volatile relationships, and the personal feuds surrounding “making it” in the windy cities’ scene. #TREESWAG is Crack’s exclamation to Chicago that he “isn’t playing any fxxkin games”. The seven track includes two singles, “CUTS” and “That Sick” (WATCH THE VIDEO HERE), and features Chicago’s SABA, and C. Rich. #TREESWAG is Chris Crack and TREE.