Mariah Carey “Me. I Am Mariah”


Mariah Carey, who has been ducking & dodging questions regarding her next album for weeks, has finally announced the title of her upcoming project, which is due promptly May 27 & available for Pre-Order on iTunes NOW. Featuring collaborations from her twins Monroe & Moroccan, R. Kelly, Mary J. Blige, Fabolous, Miguel, Wale & Nas, the album is called…

Me. I Am Mariah…. The Elusive Chanteuse

Above is the standard edition cover while below is the deluxe edition cover:

Though the date has been pushed back, at least finally the diva has announced a title, a cover & a date that is set in stone.

The title “Me. I Am Mariah” derives from a drawing she made during a childhood days that shared the same title. This “personal treasure” was drawn when she was 3 & was included as the album title for its “creative visualization of how [she] saw [her]self with the purity of a child’s heart” says Mariah.


“This album is a reflection of the peaks & valleys that have made me who I am today.”

With “Chanteuse” meaning “A female of popular songs” it makes the extended title of the album “The Elusive Chanteuse” that much more appropriate. Already in iTunes top 10 based solely off of Pre-Ordering, it will be interesting to see what Mariah releases as a single to revitalize interest in the album after the lackluster performance of “You’re Mine (Eternal).”

Amidst a slew of doubts & speculation, Mariah is back to remind everyone who the real Diva is. Let’s hope she delivers her best work since her 2005 critically & commercially acclaimed comeback The Emancipation of Mimi.

Check out the track listing below & pre-order the album NOW!

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