Colin Kaepernick in Madden 15

Wait, what? This is a game? I seriously did a triple take upon first glance thinking this was a picture of the real Colin Kaepernick.

Gamers have gone abuzz over the first jaw-dropping pic of Madden 15 on the next-gen platforms, illustrating just how far video games have come…

Who remembers when Madden had the ambulances driving onto the field for injuries? Hah!

UPDATE: Two more Madden goodies – the first trailer starring Carolina Panthers LB Luke Kuechly and the news that Richard Sherman will be the Madden 15 coverboy.


In other jaw-dropping video game news, NBA 2K15 released their first commercial for their annual game before last night’s Game 1 of The Finals. This one cleverly incorporated random 2K ballers with coverboy Kevin Durant to highlight the amazing MyPlayer mode. One look at this and you’ll be inspired to continue your MyPlayer as I did after Game 1 ended last night, ha! Sgt. Tibs is the missing starting Shooting Guard for the Chicago Bulls! I’ll be sure to keep you updated, don’t worry.