“Frontin'” (Disclosure Re-Work)

English electronic duo Disclosure is one of the biggest names in their genre and while they don’t appear on these pages that much, their new re-work today of Pharrell & Jay Z’s classic “Frontin'” caught my Facebook feed, I pressed play, and had to post. Hey, sometimes it’s as simple as that. It doesn’t hurt that “Frontin'” was one of my songs of the summer in 2003 (wow, 10+ years ago) and the subject of an inside joke with friends as recent as a couple months ago. Nevertheless, I expected freshness since the original was just that and, yup, Disclosure delivered. I think this gets better as it goes, climaxing during Pharrell’s hook before the sped-up Jay Z verse.

Naturally, this is a perfect song forĀ this summer so get on the wave just in time for this weekend below.

*Tibs Fav.