Air Yeezy ‘Retro’ a possibility?

Says former Jordan Brand GM, Gentry Humphrey:

It’s possible, we could do it one day, but right now it’s definitely not in the plans. The designs are proprietary to Nike, so we can do what we want, but right now there’s currently no plans.

There ya have it! Ok, maybe that didn’t deserve an excited ‘!’ because there are currently no plans and if there are, it will be so far down the road you’ll forget ever reading this… BUT… the idea of an Air Yeezy Retro didn’t really cross my mind until I peeped this interview between Humphrey and The Shoe Game.

Though given the buzz and popularity of arguably the hottest sneaker release this decade, and of Kanye West in general, an Air Yeezy Retro is a no-brainer down the line, isn’t it? First off, everything gets retroed, whether it’s sneakers, jerseys, R&B groups, everything. Secondly, this is a slam dunk for whenever Yeezy decides to hang ’em up (no pun intended) in the rap game. Maybe after his last album drops, ya know? Kind of like how the Jordan Retros started after his playing career. I’m just rambling with speculation at this point, but you get the gist. I’m probably this excited though because I’m still saving up for my eBay bid on the Red Octobers……!

h/t Complex