The Weeknd “Wanderlust (Jaded Inc. Remix)”

What happens when Kiss Land standout “Wanderlust” gets a new wave redux? Well, this end result via Jaded Incorporated as a faster tempo is amongst other production elements that re-imagine “Wanderlust”. My favorite is the added layer around the 3 minute mark that gives this one an appealing, original feel and inspires a renewed listen to what I also consider one of my personal favorites of The Weeknd‘s entire catalogue.

On the heels of last night’s new original release, “Often”, I thought this Weeknd co-signed record would be another perfect look for your rotation (shared on Weeknd’s FB through Samsung).

*Tibs Fav.

ICYMI: The Weeknd “Often”

Sidebar: The above image was the second result in Google Images for “The Weeknd Wanderlust”. This one was the fourth…