Charlotte Hornets Honey Comb Floor

I saw this earlier this morning and texted two of my NBA/Design friends: “HONEY COMB FLOOR!”. Jose’s response (you’ll meet him in our mock draft later today): “That is sex on hardwood. And yes, I see the pun I just made.”

Lmao. Thought that may reel ya in, if for some reason the “Honey Comb Floor” of the post title didn’t. After the jerseys were recently released, one of the said NBA/Design friends (not the pun one) suggested that it would only be doper if the jerseys had a honey comb print pattern. While he didn’t get his wish on the jerseys, he just did on a floor that, in my design opinion, becomes instantly iconic.

After all, this is a one of a kind, unique court design that only works for the Hornets and its nickname, logo, and vintage 90s past. It’s a cutting-edge modernized parquet pattern of old Boston Garden lore. And I don’t think it’s a bold statement when I say that the honey comb floor will soon be an iconic court of the NBA. Just wait until the Hornets have a big playoff moment and that status will be cemented.

Hey, I’m just excited. I can’t wait to see a game played on it, namely when the Carmelo Anthony-led Bulls visit Charlotte for the first time 🙂