Jay Bilas meets Young Jeezy

For any avid follower of college basketball like myself, you know ESPN’s Jay Bilas, the network’s premier analyst. Well, a few years ago now, the college basketball and hip hop worlds unexpectedly collided when Jay Bilas started a daily series of early morning tweets of Young Jeezy lyrics followed by “I gotta go to work.” They’re as awesome as it sounds.






So, VIBE masterfully put the 2 together for seemingly the first time and captured Jay Bilas’ genuine surprise reaction when Young Jeezy comes in to help with the delivery of his tweets. Great moment as the interview continues to enlighten with Bilas’ truthful admiration of the “urban philosopher” and why he likes Jeezy’s music and message so much. On the flip side, Jeezy explains his shoutout to Jay Bilas in a recent E-40 song and how he first found out about Bilas’ daily “I gotta go to work.” tweets. Sweet sit-down for any fan of both.

And no joke, I like and appreciate Young Jeezy’s music more after Jay Bilas’ tweets over the years. That has got to be up there in “the oddest way a hip hop star has ever gained a fan”, right?

Also, Wale... seriously bro?
Also, Wale… seriously bro?