“EMPOWERMENT” Documentary f/ Rhymefest

Released July 4th, Donda’s House teams up with Revive to bring us Empowerment, a short documentary featuring Rhymefest and the artists that make up the growing creative hub. Set in the city of Chicago, Rhymefest gives us a candid look at his work at Donda’s House and shares some of his driving life philosophies.

The saying is…”jump and the net will appear.”

Within the first minute of his documentary, Rhymefest’s words and overall realness sets the overall tone of the documentary. Whether it was sharing advice or jamming along to the artists of Donda’s House, Rhymefest gives us a great reminder that with anything in life that we choose, we must choose what truly fulfills us. Regardless if it’s to be creatively, physically, or spiritually whole, his honesty transcends beyond cultivating talent. It is about living, it is about growth, and it is about choosing what it is that makes our lives intrinsically complete. And you know what? In 6:00 minutes, Donda’s House and Rhymefest proves wholeheartedly how easy one can come to that decision.

Without spoiling too much (cause I ain’t no Wikipedia page), I highly suggest y’all check this documentary out yourselves. For those struggling to figure out whatever it is that you need in life, this short will be a great inspiration stepping stone to clarity. In the wise words of Rhymefest, “jump and the net will appear”. Trust. Jump and the net WILL appear.