Drake & Chris Brown in the studio

Beef? What beef?

As LeBron and Dan Gilbert put their beef away in the loudest possible way today, Drake & Chris Brown looks like they’re preparing to do the same in the loudest way possible: a new song.

Back in 2012, the internet got swept up in a summer brawl between Drake’s crew and Chris Brown’s crew that was allegedly over shared love interest Rihanna and left Tony Parker’s eye needing surgery. Even typing that again today still feels ridiculous. So, you can say it’s a little extra news-worthy that the 2 were in a crowded studio. I suppose we’ll have to wait to see if a new song isĀ indeed coming, but it surely looks like good terms were the terms. The same can be said for CB and Karrueche, FWIW. She was pictured in the studio as well: