NBA Trading Card Art

My Sunday night Twitter browsing led me to a fantastic must-follow for any NBA (and Design) fans:

The tumblr highlights, in a nod to 1990 NBA Hoops Trading Cards, wait for it… every player in the league!

I catch wind of this tumblr at an ideal time as this ambitious project began 5 months ago with Quincy Acy and has progressed through the letter ‘C’ in alphabetical order since. This means if you click ‘Follow’ now we’ll likely get updates through the summer and beyond of the rest of the league. And in the meantime there are plenty of favorites between A-C to browse through. I picked out my personal ones in the gallery above.

Footnotes to the gallery: 1. The Andrea Bargnani pose comes from one of his most memorable blunders in his first season as a New York Knick, as documented in this spectacular video. 2. While the vast majority of players have some action pose of a basketball move, Carlos Boozer’s is just an action pose, and a quite poetic one at that.