Jalen & Jacoby’s Hip Hop Group Bracket

I listen to 3 podcasts religiously: Bill Simmons’ B.S. Report (since it started years ago), The Bulls Show (in the previous post), and Jalen & Jacoby.

The latter has started a fun idea that all our hip hop heads here will appreciate: a 32-act “Hip Hop Group” Bracket! Jalen & Jacoby are two true hip hop fans who came up on the old-school classics that influenced the art form today. You can simply tell as they each recite lyrics anytime any artist is mentioned above. So, to also bring some more sizzle to an otherwise dry summer of sports content, Jalen & Jacoby decided to curate the fans’ suggestions for hip hop groups and duos in the previous couple of episodes and then unveiled the actual bracket. Who moves on is solely up to us — voting has begun and is a simple few clicks to do so at jalenandjacoby.com.

Here is the bracket:


Most of these 1st round matchups are obvious, save for the 4-5 matchups (naturally), yet this is really going to be a fun debate as we get into the Sweet 16. My prediction on who comes away with the win: Wu-Tang Clan. Gotta be. Having said that, my personal fandom aligns with The Roots and OutKast on the top tier so I’ll be voting for them especially. Black Star, too.

Note: You may be wondering why a duo like Gang Starr is absent from the bracket. Jalen & Jacoby explain some of the parameters like that in the podcast above.

And hey, as an appetizer for the Bracket talk, Jalen & Jacoby start it off with some Derrick Rose on Team USA talk. That’s right, I just set you up for the next 2 hours with podcasts on D. Rose, Classic Hip Hop, and D. Rose again — #GTGTPWTW!