Kiesza “Hideaway” Jimmy Kimmel Live

Are you up on Kiesza’s “Hideaway”? 67 million people are already, and for good reason. The original music video is below — the viral, one-take hit that garnered that aforementioned huge number. I repeat, one-take. Kiesza and her dancers snap with style and well-choreographed dance moves that I’d actually get familiar with the music video below first.

Kiesza “Hideaway” [Music Video]

Well, in one of the coolest late-night TV performances I’ve seen, Kiesza remixes the choreography in a walk down Hollywood Blvd. and into the Jimmy Kimmel Live stage. Though the choreography is not as complex overall as the music video (given how complex the music video was), I appreciate it much the same. The tall guy with the backwards hat was especially slick and you’ll see him again with all of the other dancers on stage. Oh, and there’s one more dancer I’m not mentioning, but I’ll let you be as surprised as I was, hah! A must-see below.

Kiesza “Hideaway” Jimmy Kimmel Live

BONUS: Kiesza’s second performance for the online viewers is for the similarly catchy “Giant In My Heart”. Get accustomed here:

Kiesza “Giant In My Heart”