Gambino Plays with Fire on Lolla Day 3

Originally posted 08.03. 11:55pm

Where do I even begin.  I’ve covered Gambino everytime he has been in Chicago these past two years. If that’s not Gambino Girl status, then I don’t what is.

I think one of the hardest things as an artist must be catering to a music festival crowd. Sound gets lost, there’s rain, exhausted kids, and people that didn’t buy tickets to go to your show in particular. Somehow, Gambino still manages to just kill it. He played and equal balance of old hits and new hits, and of course everything in between.

The Bud Light Stage for Childish Gambino at sunset (via Sgt. Tibs @gowherehiphop | lead photo: @ ibravedtreacherousstreets)
The Bud Light Stage for Childish Gambino at sunset (via Sgt. Tibs @gowherehiphop | lead photo: @ ibravedtreacherousstreets)

I had previously caught his show in SXSW (Austin) and in Chicago back in March and Gambino’s set kept the energy flowing throughout and had a completely different feel each time.  Gambino at the Woodies/SXSW was a little weird and more experimental. I think he was having fun messing with the crowd, playing his latest album Because The Internet, and wearing his trademark homeless person looking threads. Last March at the Vic in Chicago, he was intuitive, deep, and serious.

Revving up the beginning of the show, we hear the slow climax of “I. Crawl” as the rest of Lolla’s concert goings are pouring in after hiding from the rain .  Chicago loves our hip hop so the mastermind dedicated something extra special us – extra deep bass on his tracks.  Rapping his way through some of his toughest lyrics as his shorts could barely keep up with him.  (The waistband broke and were slowing working their way off).  

Of course, there was also his actual physical set that was by far the most creative our team saw all weekend.  It was something along the lines of Salvador Dali graphics and towards the last third of his set, included some surprise pyrotechnics.  To top things off, he finished the show with a complete freestyle encore (heard in full below — with lyrics.)


Gambino’s always changing and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Set List
I. Crawl
II. Worldstar
Dial Up
I. The Worst Guys
II. Shadows
IV. Sweatpants
Do Ya Like / Got This Money / Heartbeat / Fire Fly / Yaphett Kotto
Death by Numbers
I. Flight of the Navigator
II. Zealots of Stockholm (Free Information)
III. Urn
III. Telegraph Ave.
I. Pink Toes
V. 3005
All the Shine / Sunrise / Freaks and Geeks / Bonfire

Freestyle (Lyrics)