Jhene Aiko “Stranger / Stay Ready” #Lolla

Jhene Aiko started an off-and-on rain-soaked last day at Lollapalooza and her set endured the unpredictability of the Chicago weather by starting off sans raindrops and ending it under downpour.

One of the highlights seen above in an official video via Billboard was Jhene’s blend of “Stranger” with “Stay Ready” as she softly crooned the two songs to the growing thousands before the rain started falling. The transition was the best part: one part unexpected and the other part seamless and beautiful. Music to my ears, especially as “Stay Ready” is a top-tier fave of mine from Jhene’s catalogue.

When the rain did fall, in true Jhene spiritual fashion, she embraced nature’s gift of water… ¬†and in turn, the crowd embraced her as fans stayed during the shower in true Lolla fashion.

“water is good ! #Lollapalooza”



GWHH's @Srirachana & @SamanthaLebbos with @JheneAiko
GWHH’s @Srirachana & @SamanthaLebbos with @JheneAiko