Elijah Blake ‘Free Pt. 1’ EP

Following up his powerful new song/video drawing on child abuse this past Monday, Elijah Blake delivers 3 new tracks out of nowhere and it indicates there’s more to come: Free Pt. 1 is below. I patiently waited to hear an outside the box collab — the last track with production by Corin Roddick of Purity Ring. I’m a fan of the latter duo, and was hoping he’d deliver that dark and edgy sound for a singer like Elijah. Welp, success. The piercing production is something completely different for Elijah, even compared to the 2 previous tracks. It’s a pulsating record with Blake’s vocals reigning powerfully with lower verses in contrast to his high-pitched chorus. Definitely the must-listen of the 3 as I liked each track overall, and in backwards consecutive order (3-2-1). Lookin’ forward to more from the Def Jam singer with the Drift EP to drop soon as well.

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