J.Arthur f/ DotKom “What’s It Gonna Be”

Get this now for your end of summer playlist, simply put.

Together, J.Arthur & DotKom make up theWHOevers, whom you’ve most definitely seen across these pages since the duo formed.┬áToday, they join forces yet again but for something separate: J.Arthur’s upcoming solo EP, black&white.

Even just a few seconds in, you’ll have the lightbulb moment as to why because we find J.Arthur, rapper/beatsmith, harmonizing over an addicting guitar melody, soulful horns, and a “hey hey hey!” sample that gives “What’s It Gonna Be” a hip hop edge. Barrio Lopez produces this instant sound for summer vibes with J.Arthur telling that good R&B tale. DotKom appropriately rocks a smooth guest verse to wrap things up, which now sounds in greater contrast compared to his partner-in-crime. I dig the fit and am on repeat listens already. Lookin’ forward to where else J.Arthur explores┬áboth sonically and visually for black&white. Keep it locked.

*Tibs Fav.