The time Chrissy Teigen liked my Simpsons GIF

My Saturday afternoon productivity started in an odd and hilarious way today. I was scrolling through our Twitter timeline of 5,000+ people we’re somehow following to see an entertaining tweet from S.I. supermodel, MTV Snack-Off host, and Mrs. John LegendChrissy Teigen.


Maybe I’m just weird like this, but I love GIFs for their ability to perfectly describe the “When x moment happens” and instantly thought of this Simpsons fave after reading Teigen’s tweet.


As you can see, Chrissy enjoyed it too and retweeted it to her 500K+ followers. Soon after, she also followed us. And soon after that, I happily pictured her looking at her phone all confused when I tweet about a random Bulls vs. 76ers game later this year. I also feel more satisfaction about this interesting first impression with a celebrity because I saw this Simpsons GIF on tumblr this week and watched it approximately 17 times straight — that’s why it was fresh in my mind. Laughing hysterically the whole time, I thought: “I have to use this somehow!” and saved it to my desktop. As always, these situations usually present themselves naturally; you just have to keep your eyes open *big eyes emoji*.

The other lesson from this: you can get a retweet and a follow on Twitter by simply sharing a hilarious GIF. Try it! It’s fun.