Childish Gambino “candler road”

Fresh off Gambino’s tumblr comes a new tune from his Soundcloud called “candler road”. It’s tagged with the Because The Internet artwork so the natural speculation is that this is a leftover from the 2013 album.

More importantly, “candler road” is fresh as hell.

The production, split in two distinct parts, certainly fits the mold of the album, but the clear highlight to me is the flurry of clever references by Gambino on the first part of the beat. He especially grabbed my attention with the first two bars below, a nod I interpreted as one to NBA star: Stephen Curry.

Wrote a story so Steven Curry. How it feel to be golden?? Why was I chosen?? Mon-dalay Bay with my bae what can I say, I did it. My timing was perfect, I’m comin’ they know it, becoming the last great American poet, the flow Lindsay Lohan… tired, n****. Retired, n****, my word is art like a hieroglyphic.

– Childish Gambino “candler road”

I love the allusion to Curry’s Golden State Warriors with the “How it feel to be golden?” line and can’t help but think there’s a Steven King reference with the “wrote a story so Steven Curry”, deliberately mispronouncing Stephen Curry’s first name. Am I off here? Maybe I’m just too big a Steph Curry fan that I’m reaching. I also may or may not have googled “Steven Curry author” and it may have shown results for Stephen Curry jerseys.

Alas, this isn’t the only gem in “candler road” (the rest of the quotable is ill too) — either in the first part of the song or the latter too. And to me, I had an itch to listen to “Pink Toes” right after. Dive in and hear more for yourself above.

*Tibs Fav.

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