Lil Herb f/ Common & Chance The Rapper “Fight Or Flight (Remix)”

What a great Friday for Chicago music — simply on the strength of this and “ReMission”This, this is the “Fight Or Flight (Remix)” by Lil Herb who’s now joined with verses from Common & Chance The Rapper. All three tackle the come-up and hardships of the streets from their own unique perspectives — each one differing from the next. Herb puts down two verses, one at the beginning and one at the end, with this line standing out to me:

I used to think I could go back to what I used to do, Now cry less and less at all my homies funerals.

– Lil Herb

Common’s second verse is poetic and probably my overall favorite, as Chance’s third verse touches on the support he did receive while still comin’ up and fighting through other hardships. It’s all got a chill, yet loud backdrop given the chorus — as produced by another Chicagoan, Brian “All Day” Miller. Definitely lend your ears below.

*Tibs Fav.

h/t XXL