ASA X MFN Melo (of Pivot Gang) “This My Shit”

It’s been amazing to see the growth of ASA (Spazz and Reelo) since we first discovered these guys in the beginning of the year. Every single and visual the duo has released have been cohesive and better than the previous release. This release continues that streak of phenomenal releases as ASA connects with another promising Chicago Hip-Hop entity with Pivot Gang and a sick 16 from MFN Melo over a jazzy-trap styled Danny Jamz production on “This My Shit”.


Make no mistake. These three dudes from the West Side of Chicago [Humboldt Park (ASA) & Lawndale (Melo)] are here to stay and have much to prove as promising forces in our city’s music scene as a result of their dedication, work ethic, and humility. Both ASA and Pivot Gang are coming into their own as formidable forces. ASA continues to become one of Chicago’s best duos and Pivot Gang continues to grow out of the obscurity they were in to become one of the city’s respected Hip-Hop collaboratives.

 MFN Melo

The rico suave boys of ASA as well as the lyrical mercenary MFN Melo give us much to anticipate from their upcoming releases after a phenomenal collaboration. MFN Melo is slated to release his forthcoming project Melo Dramatics later this year around November. As for the based raps wordsmiths Spazz and Reelo (ASA), they’ll continue to do their thing in releasing bangers and turning heads as they get their listeners (old and new) to say after every release, ‘This My Shit’!