Jhene Aiko “The Pressure” Jimmy Kimmel Live

The other late night must-see music performance aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live as Jhene Aiko performed her new single “The Pressure” on the day her debut album, Souled Out, dropped in stores. This, I’m sure, makes any artist’s release date even more special especially for the landmark debut album drop. Jhene and her band sooth the crowd with the performance that sounds straight out of the studio and likely impressed the casual viewer who tuned in. You’ll see that Jhene is rockin’ an angelic white skirt and, honestly, it’s not hard to notice on the close-ups… a ring on the left ring finger. Not to get too into it, but Jhene did confirm she has a boyfriend this week and by numerous signs it’s producer Dot Da Genius, of Kid Cudi “Day N Nite” fame. A quick google search and you’ll see that gossip blogs are reporting marriage but it’s not worth believing til they say it themselves.

Now that that’s been addressed, be sure to cop said debut album, Souled Out. Of the non-preview records, I’m especially vibing with “Lyin King”, “Wading”, and just the wonderful philosophic “W.A.Y.S.” — why aren’t you smiling? 🙂

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The bottom row of lights look like hearts! <3
The bottom row of lights look like hearts! ❤