Boyz II Men “Losing Sleep”

Boyz II Men are back! And don’t expect the slow jam ballads too. That’s because for the upcoming album, Collide, Boyz II Men are going to speed things up a little.

I think fans are going to be blown away by that because the history of what they know is that Boyz II Men sings ballads and love songs. There’s not a whole lot of that on this album. Unfortunately, people don’t listen to ballads anymore. We listen to them, because we grew up on them and we love them, but radio doesn’t play them. We’re in a very fast society where nobody wants to take time to slow down, so the music has to reflect that.

– Nathan Morris, Boyz II Men

I’m all for it as I notice my personal R&B taste stray more towards a darker, at times, upbeat sound and moreso than that, I’m all for it after one listen of “Losing Sleep”.

“Losing Sleep” is the album’s first preview and a song for those longing for that special someone. The sound is a perfect midtempo that reminds me of a mid 2000s JT/Timbaland and the trio really do their thing vocally as their voices pierce over the production. Flat out, this is nice. Easy *Tibs Fav. status on I’m already on repeat listens. Enjoy and take a gander at the other track names on Collide.

1) Me Myself & I
2) What Happens In Vegas
3) Diamond Eyes
4) Better Half
5) Underwater
6) Believe Us
7) Don’t Stop
8) Already Gone
9) As Long As I’m With You
10) Losing Sleep
11) So What
12) Collide

h/t Billboard