Lecrae’s VSCO Journal

On the heels of his #1 debut for Anomaly, Lecrae lets listeners in on his track-by-track insight in this provocative new collab journal with the photo editing app giant, VSCO. I first and foremost enjoy an artist’s deeper insight behind each track on an album, and in addition to sharing that in the journal, VSCO took things a step further with a photo response to the track and Lecrae’s thoughts. The results are an artistic interpretation that I simply love to see and should continue the conversation on Lecrae’s stellar album. Here’s an example, stemming from the re-designed album art above, for “Outsiders”.

We have all felt that hunger to be known, meaningful, and have purpose. Sometimes we allow social circles, teams, jobs, money, or possessions to define that purpose for us. This is an ode to not allowing our acceptance by others to give us meaning. We were made for more than that. Tyler Durden in the movie “Fight Club” was on to something when he rejected the status quo. The question for many after this realization is “Where DO I find my purpose?”


The visual interpretation of this track comes from the VSCO® team. It is a reflection of the photographer’s personal experience with the song, and seeks to complement the listening experience. Note that the following comments do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Lecrae or Reach Records.

No matter where you are, there exists a culture of “insiders” and “outsiders.” This was extremely evident for us while traveling in Haiti. We noticed the idea of being an outsider was enforced by the walls and bars on many homes designed to keep unintended visitors out. With the concept of “standing outside of your prisons” in mind, we decided to shoot from the perspective of inside looking out.




And that’s just one of the tracks broken down by Lecrae x VSCO. Click the link below for more! *applauds*

For the full Lecrae x VSCO Photo Journal, click here.
For the full Lecrae x VSCO Photo Journal, click here.