Empathy Test “Throwing Stones”

Following up last week’s preview of a new Empathy Test production in a powerful Climate Change video, the London synthpop duo release the first track off their upcoming second EP with “Throwing Stones”.

The title track below is already getting better with more listens and even picks up throughout the song. I got into it at the halfway point of the first verse and love the imagery of the hook combined with the new layer of synths to supplement it. The start of the second verse doesn’t dip, whether in sound or lyricism and that sustainability lasts for the rest of the song. Time will tell if it’ll earn the repeat listens of their first Losing Touch EP, but that’s a ridiculously high personal bar to reach. Instead, I appreciate this one in the present moment and look forward to the consistent rotation burn it’s bound to get leading up to the EP’s full release on December 9th.

*Tibs Fav.