RZA reveals Wu-Tang album release date?

Each Wu-Boombot will be embedded with eight songs from A Better Tomorrow, two unavailable-on-album instrumentals, and an exclusive song, “Big Horn B,” in advance of the full-length release (which RZA says will be out by Black Friday). The product will only be sold by one retailer (Zumiez.com) nationwide; Boombotix execs say they are hoping to create a frenzy around the release equivalent to that of a new, limited-edition sneaker.

– RZA (to Billboard)

Whoa! So, will we see A Better Tomorrow by Black Friday? RZA indicates such, but as much talked about earlier this year, the 1 of 1 album looks like it’ll be the delivery plan… and sold at Zumiez? Hmmph. Well, until then, we still have “Ron O’Neal” to hold us over as more details assuredly shake out this Fall.