Andre 3000 talks Hendrix, OutKast, Raury

Andre 3000 interviews abound in this post – two of them to be exact as he first sat down with Life + Times for a great, revealing transcribed conversation that primarily centered around Hendrix (and his well-received performance), but also touching on an OutKast/solo album and recent comparisons to him with up and comer Raury (which I can totally see too). Scroll below for a few quotables and his sit-down with David Letterman last night.


On whether the engrossing himself with all things Hendrix has inspired his artistry in a way that could lead to another OutKast or solo album:

“I can’t say that there was a huge revelation from playing Hendrix in the movie. I think it just was a great experience that I went through. It was challenging considering that I don’t really consider myself an actor in that way. I consider myself more of an opportunist who got to play Jimi Hendrix and put my all into it. But I can’t say I walked away with any life-changing thing. As far as an Outkast album, we don’t have any plans to do one. After this tour though, I’ve been thinking about recording this album that I always wanted to record. We’re both working on solo albums. Big Boi is damn near through with his next album. I think after we finish this last show on October 31st in New Orleans. I’d love to get in the studio and see if I can conjure up something.”

On Raury comparisons:

“There’s a fair comparison with Raury. I think Raury is stepping out and pushing it though. That’s fair considering he’s not a straight and narrow kind of artist and going for his own thing. I just saw him the other day when he opened up for us in Atlanta and I think he’s a dreaming artist with good ideas and I hope he’ll grow and we give him his room to grow. The biggest thing I would tell him is fuck listening to everybody and just go for it. I hate when people try to compare artists because we are all totally different individuals and we all grow.”