Mint Lab Astronauts “Save Your Love” f/ SAM

The Mint Lab Astros follow up last week’s smooth release — “Let’s Ride” f/ Mr. Music — with a slower one as “Save Your Love” is the official new single of the duo’s upcoming EP, Shallow Skies Deep Surfaces (the artwork above). For “Save Your Love”, they enlist the help of K-Pop star SAM, which is not as random as it may sound since produced the official remix to SAM’s “Tonight” this summer (a great add to your nighttime cruising playlist). Alas, the brothers spit some raw, honest verses about respective lady situations that is apt for parallels within the listener. I know I was picking and choosing lines I could especially relate to and that carried over to SAM’s hook. The ending drives it home, as and SAM sing:

I could never give enough, and you ain’t really givin’ love (givin’ love)
How you gonna save your love? (Whoaoa)

Real chill vibe overall, the aforementioned lyrical substance, and overall a strong first single effort from the Mint Lab Astronauts. Lookin’ forward to this EP!

*Tibs Fav.