NBA 2K Through the Years

NBA 2K15 dropped yesterday, which if you’re a reader of this site, you probably already know, have it, and you’re taking a quick break to catch up on your Gowhere now 😀

To continue their great marketing of the game, 2K co-signed and shared this new video above of ‘NBA 2K Through the Years’. Self-explanatory, really. Take the 15 (!) year journey of the game, and the league in general. And because I had multitudes of thoughts… here are them in running diary form.

0:37: Vitaly Potapenko sighting! Whoa, save somethin’ for later…
0:41: A.I. and a sensei? Wasn’t he another video game character in a crossover style commercial?!
1:01: Kobe dribbled in a complete circle, then flushes it. Classic video game wackiness.
1:07: Nash to Nowitzki. Nostalgia has certainly set in by now.
1:41: Ben Wallace and Tracy Morgan in a commercial together?!
2:04-2:11: The new feature of 2K6? Sweat.
2:24: Idea: Those Cavs throwbacks need to come back this year. (With a matching headband, LeBron.)
2:25: Jamal Crawford doing what he’s best known for… a 360 AND-1!
2:37: Francisco Elson sighting!
2:47: Vince Carter between the legs in-game dunk + Yung Joc motorcycle celebration.
3:03: Sasha Pavlovic SPLASH!
3:41: The origin of the Kobe-D. Rose MEME /still stings.
4:00: “Are you ready?”
4:21: Eddie House sighting!
4:44: Drake & MJ… slight step up from Big Ben & Tracy Morgan, 2K.
5:01: Future teammates. 2K called it.
5:54: K LOCK69 sighting!
6:39: These crowds, man.
6:47: YAKKEM!
7:11: Pharrell & Pharrell’s Hat are in the game this year, ICYMI.
7:32: These crowds again.
7:35: Birdman beard + D Rose 5. The details are crazy.
7:48: Hold up, hold my phone!
8:10: Idea: Use real parks for the excellent new MyPark feature.
8:36: Aight, first I gotta get a PS4. Then, I gotta get 2K15.

What’s your favorite moment of this video?