Steph Curry 3 makes Kobe Bryant smile

If you recall during last season, I broke up the Videos section with quick-hit highlights of essentially, the play of the night. Whether that was a thunderous jam, an acrobatic move, or a thrilling buzzer beater, we received some nice feedback from our hip hop loving NBA fans to catch a play they may have missed from the night before.

So… let’s run it back! And I’m early with it too because this first week of preseason has been yielding quite the highlights. Tonight’s is courtesy of Steph Curry who was on fire, even for him, tonight in Ontario, CA against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. Above, we catch up with the blowout in the 3rd quarter with Kobe guarding Curry full court. The ensuing 3-pointer can’t help but make Kobe smile… and naturally, us smile.

That’s not all either. Curry started the game with 10 points in less than 2 minutes (!) — 3 3s, 1 of which was a 4 point play. Peep those in the video below.

I been Steph Curry with the shot, been cookin’ with the sauce, Chef Curry with the pot boy!

…this still isn’t old.

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UPDATE: Jamal Crawford making a 3 and staring down the bench also happened last night.