Mickey Factz ‘Love.Lust.Lost.II’

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Here’s the must-have download for you today — Mickey Factz Love.Lust.Lost.II — the latest in his innovative projects and one to digest in full from beginning to end. We’re proud to be one of the sponsors on the 17-track personal exploration into, well, love, lust, and loss.

To bring the project together, Mickey creates a 100% realistic, yet unfortunately fictional radio station WLLL FM with host Larry Love and DJ O.Minaya, played by Mickey himself. Larry Love is that classic deep late night radio voice that introduces every few tracks, the sponsors, and eventually talks to Mickey Factz who joins the two for a live interview. Even further, Mickey talks with callers and there are actual advertisements, namely for Mickey’s partnership with UNIQLO. This concept ignites a pleasing, continuous feel that makes me want to listen to the project in order and follow a story that I wouldn’t care as much about if it wasn’t well-executed.

In brief, please play this from start to end with someone around. I almost guarantee they’ll ask you why the radio is so good all of a sudden.


As you can see/hear, the first song is the stellar, Erykah Badu sampled “U(Q)”, which was one of 2 singles from Mickey Factz that inspired the creation of this sequel project. Unfortunately this one, and the equally stellar “One Thing” featuring John Legend didn’t see proper release during Mickey’s label limbo, but they are great fits here on LLL2. They both could have been big singles for Mick, but every time is right, and these will both be in rotation for me for a long time. Mickey explains this more in his own words on the radio above.

In between the singles, the project doesn’t dip as “She Got Me” and “Frisbee” continue the strong start to LLL2 that I think will reel in any casual listener to the rest of the project. Longtime achievers can hear sequel tracks to “Malfunctioned” and “Scattered” throughout the project and both of those come correct as well. Mickey’s well-received character, MauSe, makes an inspiring appearance on “Daisy” and further teases us to the MauSe sequel project that’s in the works as well…

One more of many highlights on LLL2 is what Mickey named tonight as his favorite track — “Stay” featuring Canadian songstress Sara London. This song embodies the growth of Factz’ melodies, the continued vivid imagery in his storytelling rhymes, and the relatable concepts that both male and female listeners surely have or are going through today.

In addition to LLL2, peruse Mickey’s Instagram @Mickey.Factz for artwork to each track. Also, the #GWHHsponsored Mickey Factz ‘Red or Blue Pill?’ Fall Tour kicks off this week in New Orleans. So go see Mick perform this album and more vintage Factz tracks when he hits your city soon!

Mickey Factz - LLL2 backcover

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