Kanye West talks creativity (GQ BTS)

This past July, Kanye West graced the cover of GQ and gave one of his more memorable recent interviews. Above is a new, unearthed behind the scenes video (since taken down) of the accompanying photo spread that ‘Ye narrates with succinct and motivating thoughts on creating. The quick-hit production above is well worth the couple minutes. #GeniusLevel!

Most people are just satisfied with, ‘It’s good.’ Most people are satisfied at a 10, or something. It’s not to just stop at 10. You know, 10 is ground zero; perfection is ground zero. We need to take things to a genius level. I’d rather take the chance of being hated to bring that type of creation to the world. Well that means it has to have not been done before. But you know what the fuck I’m talking about. I’m talking about Picasso. And this is what we have the opportunity to do.

Michelangelo decides he wants to sculpt. There could be a bunch of sculptors that are like ‘Oh, no, you’re a painter.’ But he’s Michelangelo. And I am Kanye West.

h/t KTT