Kiesza “What is Love?” on Conan

Kiesza puts down a slow, fresh twist on the greatest song in history. #JustKiddingButSeriously

I feel like mid-20 somethings like myself are all in unified joy when “What Is Love?” by Haddaway, popularized in A Night At The Roxbury, comes on.

C’mon, how do you not bob your head to the left when this comes on? Go-to road trip song since high school. Alas, to my pleasant surprise, emphasis on surprise, Kiesza covered “What Is Love?” and gave the song a completely new feel. The lyrics, when sung slowly and accompanied by a graceful piano and chilling string section (perfectly about halfway through), actually take on a more serious, heartfelt meaning. Wow. I was stunned. Bonus points for Keisza looking striking in that black and white dress contrasted with the ruby red piano (and ruby red lipstick, in fact.) Needless to say, press play above as Kiesza closed out a sweet lineup last night on Conan with Neil Patrick Harris and Damian Lillard.

Sound of a Woman, Kiesza’s debut album, is available now (and does in fact feature “What Is Love”).

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